How GoDaddy Promo Codes Can Increase Conversions on Your Landing Page.

A business website should have one overriding purpose: generating business.  Sure, it can be a brand awareness site as well, and it can showcase your business’ previous accomplishments.  However, it should be delivering prospects and customers.  One way to do that? Give out coupon codes for your business’ service on the landing page. Customers love a deal, especially a limited-time GoDaddy hosting promo code. You can also get ones for other merchants at DiscountGo, which your customers will appreciate and use on sites like eBay and Amazon.

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Here are the steps you can take to improve your current website or use to create a new one that will evolve into a great asset for your business.

Step 1:  Know your goals and make them specific.

What do you want to do with your website?  Are you selling products, services, both?  Is your sales cycle a single impulse purchase or a multiple step decision or transaction process? Depending on these inputs, you could be enticing a customer to make a purchase decision, or you could be developing a prospect and moving them through a process to a deal.  Write down all of your product lines, services, and interim steps between a visit to your website and a purchase or transaction decision.

Step 2:  Decide which goals or process steps can be presented well online.

If you sell products, obviously you’ll want to have them presented on the site with high-quality images and sales text, as well as a mechanism to either order online or directions to walk into your place of business and buy them.  If you’re a service business, you can describe your services, also using images and well-written text.

Step 3:  Don’t go SEO crazy.

Search Engine Optimization has evolved dramatically over the past 5 to 10 years.  Using a few keywords or phrases repeatedly is no longer the key to good search engine positioning.  That’s not to say that you shouldn’t try, but don’t stress out over it.  You’re far more likely to generate great traffic using other marketing methods that drive visitors to your site.

Step 4:  Think Landing Pages

A landing page is just what the name implies: a page on which a site visitor lands.  This step is where you make a major change in the way you design and publish content on your website.  You will likely have multiple pages for each major product line or service.  That’s because you want to be able to track where your visitors are coming from with your site statistics, also called analytics.

You’ll still only have one homepage, but an example can help to illustrate the multiple landing page strategy.  Assume you’re a service business, maybe a home repair business.  You do basic home cosmetic repairs, such as repairing doors, screens, windows, etc.  

Once you have a specific purpose in mind, it’s much easier to design a landing page that converts. You can even hire someone off Fiverr to design it for you, since you don’t need to hire an expensive expert to tell you what it is you want.

You develop a page that talks about your window repairs, sealing for leaks, weatherizing, or maybe energy savings sealing.  Now, you do two or three versions of this page, changing the wording enough to make these pages original for the most part.  You’re not worried that much about SEO, but it helps.  

Now you use the URL, that’s the website address for each unique version of the page, in different advertising.  For your classified ad, you may use  For your magazine ads, you could use  You’re getting the idea.  What you want is to be able to look at your website analytics later and see which landing pages are getting the most traffic.  This tells you which marketing is working best for you.  You can better use your advertising dollars, which will bring you more business.

Step 5:  Use social sites effectively.

Take that landing page customization strategy to the social sites as well.  You may be doing most of your other marketing on social sites anyway.  You gain some leverage here with your site statistics.  They will show the pages that sent you your traffic, called referrers.  You are also going to be able to track which messages or marketing information works best using the landing page customization strategy.  

Make the multiple versions different in some of the pitch language, or feature different product or service characteristics on the different versions.  This will help you to learn over time which features or characteristics are most interesting to your site visitors.  

Follow this five-step plan, and you’ll begin to grow your website business over time.  It’s a simple plan to put into action at low cost for excellent returns.