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MD PortfolioSite v2 Flash Template

MD PortfolioSite v2 Flash Template Full Features;

* Site preloader
* Add multiple portfolios by simply adding xml files! (each xml file supports up to 20 pieces – add as many xml files as you can fit in there)
* Portfolio images enlarge when clicked on. (aspect ratio must be maintained)
* Navigate the portfolio by using your arrow keys
* Added file-download script with easy to implement buttons (includes a PDF button and a normal button. Easy to make more).
* Robust error checking and reporting
* PHP contact form with email validation and error checking (1)
* 5 fully customizable sections (main, about, services, portfolio, contact)
* Centralized code-base so you don’t have to go digging everywhere for Actionscript files
* All fonts, classes, and layered Photoshop files are included! (2)
* Full browser site for an elegant presentation
* Large photo/graphic area for nice presentation of your work