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Lean: Premium Opencart Theme

Lean is a Customizable OpenCart Theme at ThemeForest


Lean offers a wide variety of advanced customization options all set into a user friendly interface packed with great tools and clean style. Discover more awesome features in this theme!

Lean OpenCart Theme Features

  • One click install
  • Customizable
  • Editable navigation
  • Modify navigation cart style
  • Changeable tab styles
  • Editable header
  • Modify header icons
  • Editable header icons color
  • Editable icon container
  • Modify breadcrumb style container
  • Editable breadcrumb text
  • Editable body text color
  • Changeable body background color
  • Modify body image background
  • Editable background body position
  • Modify background body repeat
  • Changeable category menu separator
  • Editable category menu color
  • Changeable theme box styles
  • Changeable product box style
  • Editable dropdowm menu
  • Editable text field
  • Modify Defult button styles
  • Modify Attention button styles
  • Changeable table style
  • Modify title color and font
  • Modify social button appearance
  • Changeable Slider styles
  • Changeable common separator styles
  • Modify link colors
  • Editable footer style
  • Chose product page layout
  • Chose product box layout
  • Chose navigation menu layout
  • Set custom header icons
  • Set custom header links
  • Set custom navigation menu items and dropdowns
  • Custom slider content
  • Editable bottom banners
  • Social media integration (facebook, twiiter, gmail, skype, google+, tumblr, pinetrest, youtube)
  • Configurable sidebar
  • Configurable cart dock
  • Configurable admin toolbar
  • Configurable facebook comments
  • Configurable social wall
  • Configurable left section
  • Animateable main navigation dropdown
  • Animated default dropdown menus
  • Animated cart page coupon options
  • Collapsable content boxes
  • Includes the powerfull maxmert framework
  • Namespaces. By having namespaces you will never fall in to conflicts of overlapped class names.
  • Class names are changeable.
  • Few classes to remember.
  • When you change modifier properties in theme file (for example color or size) it will change every widget in your kit.
  • Javascript plugins use CSS animation.
  • Integrated Social wall
  • Integrated Facebook comments
  • Integrated Facebook like box
  • Integrated Facebook page link
  • Integrated Twitter box
  • Custom tiles module

Demo and Features Page & DOWNLOAD